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    Cloud Computing / DevOps Specialists

    Who we are

    Founded in May 2013, Rivendel is a brazilian company born to provide all the Cloud Computing benefits to its clients. Migration, Continuous Support and Improvements, everything with Automations and DevOps culture. For all your needs in Cloud Computing, Rivendel is the right company to choose.

    Our partners

    Distinguished Partner of the leading Cloud Computing platforms (Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), Rivendel supports not only public Clouds, but Hybrid and Private Clouds as well. Rivendel has been supporting mission-critical environments in many different industries and topologies.

    Our clients

    Companies from different industries have chosen Rivendel to enhance their Cloud Computing initiatives. Hotel Urbano, GuiaBolso, Abril, Microsoft, Nubank are just a few of over 100 clients supported during Rivendel's three years of existence.


    Consulting, Support and Training on Cloud Computing

    Migration to the Cloud

    Expert on Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

    Rivendel's team have migrated multiple kinds of applications to the Cloud. ERPs, eCommerce Platforms, Financial applications, among others. The migration process is designed in a way that allows Cloud benefits to be perceived since the beginning.

    DevOps' Best Practices

    That is the only way to get the most from your Cloud

    The DevOps culture is an important part of Rivendel's DNA and It is always applied in each of its projects. Every client has a specialist in its team. The client's company is maintained in the Cloud, automating server creation/destruction, backup, disaster-recovery, monitoring and security rules. Rivendel has expertise in AWS, Azure and VMWare, CloudStack and Openstack hybrid clouds.

    Security Practices Implementation

    Continuous analysis of information security criterias

    Infrastructures are built in the Cloud by Rivendel attending the most critical security requirements. Financial products like GuiaBolso, Nubank and Biva have evolved their security architectures together with Rivendel.

    Cost Reduction/Optimization

    Constant focus on the best return on investment 

    Rivendel team has been working with Cloud Computing since 2009, optimizing client's costs every week. This experience allows us to optimize clients' infrastructure and get 20 to 50% cost reduction in the short term. Thus, working with Rivendel typically does not demand investments, the ROI is quick.

    Support 24x7

    Operational continuity guaranteed

    Rivendel supports dozens of companies on a 24x7 basis, using monitoring tools and alarms that allows quick incident response and resolution. The economy of scale permits Rivendel to engage specialists for much less than an internal team.


    Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Certified Partner

    Amazon Web Services

    With over 7 years of experience in AWS platform, Rivendel team holds multiple certifications and was featured in the AWS Summit 2015 opening Keynote.

    Microsoft Azure

    Awarded Best Azure Open Source Partner in LatAm (2015), Rivendel has Microsoft itself in its client portfolio. The company is the leading Managed Services Provider in the region.


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